Our Mission:

We would love to share with you what we believe our God has called us to do as a church.  In addition to obeying God's revealed will in Scripture, we believe He has specifically gifted and called us to a very specific mission as we seek to bring Him Glory.  We have tried to outline that mission below. 

 The purpose of Church of Christ at New Cross is to glorify God by

  •  Reaching the lost and broken with the Grace of God 
  •  Worshipping God together in prayer, scripture, and song 
  •  Equipping God's people for ministry and spiritual service 
  •  Sharing our lives together in fellowship and family 
  •  Calling each other to love, good deeds and holy living 

Our Mission Statement:

We have adopted a mission statement, to follow Jesus in every way, to express our desire to model our own lives upon that of our Lord Himself, to follow Him as disciples and to win others, under God, for His name. 

To do this we have adopted five main aims.

  1. To honour God as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  2. To be committed as a church to our corporate life together and to under gird all of  our work in prayer.
  3. To give priority to our personal spiritual growth as Christians.
  4. To show the love of God in practical care within and beyond the Church.
  5. To let the world know about the risen saviour, Jesus Christ.
Jesus Saves

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In God we Trust